Watcher Accelerator - User manual

2019-10-12 16:59:44 Watcher Accelerator

 Watcher Accelerator also called Watcher software, one computer’s Windows system speed shifting software, also has people called it as game speed transmission; it is used to modify system’s time clock frequency then make system misunderstand that time come to be faster, then accelerate the running speed of all procedures in the system. It is used in the Windows system frequency accelerated, software and game development fast test and hardware performance test.

 Supported system: all platforms of Windows system usable

First step: register account number

1. Need register one software account number which used in login, click the “Register” button in login area and fill the related register information

Picture 1


 2. Fill the register information, the password need be above 19 bytes number+words assemble and can’t have special characters, the below other information is the unique evidence to judge the account number ascription, please remember it firmly!

Picture 2


Second step: obtain the authorization

1. Can purchase the charging card password on the Watcher official sale system or charging area of software, we provide the different authorization methods at daily, weekly, monthly, per season and annual types

2. Enter the obtained card password, click the charging account number then can finish software authorization

Picture 3


Third step: select the speed shifting mode

1. Login Watcher software account number then automatically shift to function area, click the drop-down menu in this area to select your required mode; the mechanism of each one speed shifting mode all have some differences, the corresponding accelerate procedure all also be different, use the mode C, mode T and mode S sorting successively and always have one can meet your requirements.

(if meet the problems at driven loading failed and unable to input password, etc, please click the Login area scan the Trojan in the menu or download 360 First-aid kit for anti-virus)